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For over four years Radio Plato has been fiery dedicated, musically diverse, community-focused and what really matters: independent. We started doing radio in the fall of 2018, driven by our passion to share great music, which sometimes was lost or forgotten. Just over 2 years Radio Plato grew into a solid community of DJs, music producers, dancers, podcasters, designers and most importantly - music lovers. We rethought where we want to move and decided that our mission is to bring our community forwards.

Our website and radio now is a place to were we highlight great local music and art acts for the global audience. If you like what we do and believe in the support of grassroots journalism, independent labels, musicians, artists and free thought then you can now support us through a monthly subscription and bag yourself a whole load of exclusive Radio Plato perks. We have made three exclusive tiers for friends, patrons and family loaded with merchandise, guestlist and more - only available through Patreon. Check out some of our rewards in the packages with plenty more to come. Welcome friends and supporters to Radio Plato family.

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