Radio Plato celebrates three years

photo joints by Alex Skidan

03.10.2021 | Photo by: Alex Skidan

We waited until the memories get dusty, and the negatives on the contrary will become clear, and publish a Radio Plato birthday film report by Alex Skidan. Find yourself, your friends and those who did not come, but somehow got on the photos.

On September 3, with the warm support of Ballantine's as part of the True Music series, we celebrated the third birthday of our beloved radio station. Residents of Radio Plato flipped the calendar live on air for the whole day, and then moved to a new incarnation of the Karma bar, which tried on a club role for the night. In short, everything took place in the best traditions of the hangover parties.

Important, funny and touching moments of the party were reflected in the report by Alex Skidan, who shot it on film cameras. Therefore, the atmosphere of photo cards that want to print and hang on the refrigerator is preserved.

IMG_0305-min.JPEG 1.jpg PHSQUAT86729022-min.jpg 3.jpg PHSQUAT86729007-min.jpg PHSQUAT86729020-min.jpg

PHSQUAT86729021-min.jpg IMG_0304-min.JPEG 4.jpg 10.jpg 5.jpg

6.jpg IMG_0319-min.JPEG

PHSQUAT86729030-min.jpg SQUAT86729022-min.jpg SQUAT86729032-min.jpg

PHSQUAT86729028-min.jpg PHSQUAT88163017-min.jpg 9.jpg SQUAT86729026-min.jpg SQUAT86729015-min.jpg 2.jpg PHSQUAT88163019-min.jpg

PHSQUAT86729003-min.jpg PHSQUAT86729033-min.jpg PHSQUAT86729031-min.jpg PHSQUAT86729036-min.jpg SQUAT86729010-min.jpg PHSQUAT867292037-min.jpg PHSQUAT88163011-min.jpg 8.jpg SQUAT86729029-min.jpg PHSQUAT86729034-min.jpg PHSQUAT88163015-min.jpg SQUAT86729009-min.jpg

PHSQUAT88163003-min.jpg PHSQUAT88163005-min.jpg PHSQUAT86729032-min.jpg 12.jpg PHSQUAT88163012-min.jpg 11.jpg SQUAT86729016-min.jpg SQUAT86729011-min.jpg PHSQUAT867292036-min.jpg PHSQUAT88163004-min.jpg PHSQUAT88163016-min.jpg 7.jpg PHSQUAT88163010-min.jpg SQUAT86729017-min.jpg



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