A bone-crushing single by Backside Slice homie Atlantech Squad

Filthy as hell


With the persistence of repression and the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Belarusian club scene is becoming more hardcore and uncompromising. This is how the Belarusian label Backside Slice released a new track by the Minsk producer Atlantech Squad, who now lives in Vilnius. Slabenkiy is a jaw-dropping electro breakbeat.

It has already gathered an impressive number of comments from industry friends before its release. "Hard-hitting track, killer," "Intense and wicked," "A banging tune," "A bit too much for me, but the composition and sound design are superb," "Impressive work that deserves to be published," "His one-of-a-kind style," "Filthy as hell, just how we like it," "Industrial breakbeat," and many others. However, there was one comment that inspired us to name this track, which was, "This track is weak." We don't know what kind of emotion you will experience, but we do know it will definitely make you feel something. Enjoy listening!