Applepicker featured in WEEDEO music documentary series

Beware, Programmer Witch


Applepicker is a lo-fi psychedelic indie band based in Minsk. Their catches are dreamy guitars, sometimes nonsense routine lyrics and cassette esthetic. WEEDEO team made a short documentary covering Nikita Orlov (frontman) backstory and featuring their studio concert.

“I always call Applepicker an experimental band, because I take left and right, first and second, hot and cold, combine them and see what happens. Most likely I like it. In a rare case, it turns out some kind of shit. But often I can do something with it or I get used to it. Overall, I do not care.” - Nikita says.

Our personal favourites are songs about developer witch, coffee and 107 Minsk city bus.

Applepicker Bandcamp
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