Four mixes from Belarusian DJs came out on Oramics



Oramics is a Polish booking agency that supports women, non-binary and queer people on the electronic music scene. They prepared a statement in which they expressed the support of the Belarusian people in the fight against fraud and repression.

"We believe that music has political and empowering potential and therefore we want to use our platform to amplify the Belarusian fight for freedom and #highlightbelarus," they write. Oramics asked four DJs and producers from Belarus - Yana Etc, Raketka, Viikatory and Dosaaf- to prepare DJ sets. It turned out to be a dense selection of hard techno, deconstruction, electro and everything that raises anger against a state crime.

In addition, Olia Sosnovskaya and Aleksei Borisionok have prepared a list of articles on the current political situation.

“It is difficult to draw international attention because international solidarity in the times of social media mutates into attention warfare with viral and clickability dynamics. But we believe that the described case strikes so many chords (literally) that we as musicians, DJs, artists, and people involved in the club scene need to make a stand. It is scary to face atrocities like this alone. But we are not alone. We can become a group, a collective, a community. Just like people in Belarus who do not stop and come up with yet new ways to amplify their cause. We need to support them and use the resources we have to #highlightbelarus".

Oramics to learn about the situation, spread the information, use the hashtag, or sign international petitions. “Every little bit helps. Belarussian people are not alone. We are also not alone. We can be together".