Lithuanian electronic artist IJO released a musical sci-fi novella

Voices of Jupiter


Voices Of Jupiter is a new (already twenty-first) album by the Lithuanian electronic music producer IJO, where each track is a different chapter of a sci-fi novel about the search for a new planet to live in the not-so-distant future.

According to the plot, in the year 2149, humanity had reached new heights of technological advancement. But with great power came great destruction, and the Earth was left a barren and inhospitable place. The population had dwindled to just 20% of what it once was, and those who remained were forced to seek out new homes in the universe. Jupiter's outer layers became a temporary stop. From there, humans began searching for a new home, scanning the stars for any sign of a planet that could sustain life.

The novel ends with the humans still searching, still hoping that one day they will find a new home. But whether they will ever succeed is an open question… Interestingly, the musician’s moniker IJO (IO) is the name of one of Jupiter's satellites, which adds another – internal – layer for interpretation.

The album is made in the style of atmospheric old-school jungle and is completely recorded on hardware (AKAI S1000, Soundcraft Spirit FX8, MicroKORG, Alesis QuadraVerb).

In addition to the album, we advise you to check out the musician's YouTube, where he shows up his own equipment and also gives advices on how to make your production sound rich.

Also pay attention to Dubartis Compilation, where one of the tracks was written by IJO.