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A new Logika Ritma's podcast is about Belarusian electronic music scene

With a lot of unreleased exclusives


The first New Year's week begins with a fresh Logika Ritma podcast, run by Andrei Vusevich and Sasha Ananyev. The new issue, as promised by the guys in "Planetronics", is entirely dedicated to the Belarusian electronic music scene.

“Although our scene has evolved and continues to move in different directions, we have focused on more familiar to us IDM and Downtempo sound, covering the time span from the early 2000s to the present,” they say.

The podcast will contain a lot of exclusive material, as well as tracks, which, in fact, have already become a classic of Belarusian electronic music. Among the names: Koordinates of Wonders, Vjik72, Uncou, Pavel Ambiont, Dreamlin, Autism, CherryVata, I/Dex and others.

"We are sure that by listening to this podcast, you will discover many new names and feel proud of our musicians," the show's creators continue. "And we are not closing this topic and will return in time with a new special issue about the local electronic music scene."

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