Musicians from Dee Tree band launched a vocal training app

To sing better


Valeria Dele and Yuri Zverev (vocalist and drummer Dee Tree band together with developer Denis Fileev have created a mobile app MyVo, which can become your personal vocal coach. Every day you work on how to breathe properly, use the vocal apparatus, voice and hearing coordination.

"Two years ago we started growing a tree and today this tree gave its first fruits to everybody," says Lera. “In this application, I thoroughly picked and compiled theory and exercises that I've been using throughout my singing path. Moreover, the exercises get more complicated as you progress, so it is not the boring everyday repetition, but a journey”.

Now MyVo is in beta testing, so the early birds are offered treats: an hour-long webinar by Lera Dele "Vocal exercises that will help you sing better instantly" and main app functionality containing practical lessons and singing theory for free.

The application is currently available on iOS only. Android carriers are asked to wait.

Get the app and sing!