New Belarusian-language pop mixtape by Andy Vazyanau

Belarusian-speaking music collected by Andrei Vazyanau from the Vapna band


We continue the good August tradition: to publish mixtapes of Belarusian music. This time we present to your attention a collection of new Belarusian-language pop, which was carefully collected by Andrei Vazyanau from the Vapna band.

«The 2020s brought not only upheavals to Belarus but also many new songs in the Belarusian language. Belarusian-speaking music increasingly expands beyond folk, metal, and rock, into pop, hip-hop, indie, soul and other popular styles.

This explorative mix focuses on softer tunes and introduces lesser-known Belarusian musicians, based both within and outside the country».


1. Hanna Zhdanava - Mroi

2. Dee Tree - Alina

3. ili-ili - Noč

4. Luty Sakavik - Strach

5. Syndrom Samazvanca - Promni

6. Vapna - Šeryja Zony

7. Aureli - Берагі

8. Naidee - Час

9. Nochy - Праз ціхі акіян

10. лайтовы - Mic. Check

11. Adel Line - Momant

12. Bayski - Піт-стоп

13. Nevika - Пакліч

14. Пётр Клюеў - Падай мне руку

15. Lear - Забяру боль

16. Nürnberg - Adny

17. Snopsnoŭ - Chałodnaje Serca

18. Прыйдзе Вясна - Будзьма Разам

19. Ferenc - Сонейка

The mixtape was compiled for Radio Plato by Andrei Vazyanau from the band Vapna. Check their debut album Askiepki LP.

The photo for the cover is from the photo book Minsk by Belarusian photographer Palasatka. Print version is here.

Lettering by Chernova.

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