Winners of the Second Open Belarusian Electronic Music Awards announced

Best of everything


The Second Open Belarusian Electronic Music Awards ceremony took place in Modul art platform, where notable act, places and people in Belarusian electronic music for 2020 were determined.

Although the award is still young (about 700 people took part in the voting), it does an important job in strengthening the local music scene and helps to understand that only shoulder to shoulder we will succeed.

"All our aspirations can be united in one way or another by one common goal – "development of the scene", the award creators say. "Of course, we look at this issue one-sidedly, but we are just starting to do it. If someone sees that in some area we missed something, got stuck or did something wrong, don’t take offense. We will be really happy if you explain to us."

But let’s move on to the nominations. So!

Best Raver – Darina Vodopyanova

Best Release – Ilya Gurin-Babayeu 'embryos XLP'
Best Release – Akaks 'Bulldozer'
Best Release – Viikatory 'Astral Chain'

Fresh Blood – Dosaaf
Best B2B – Gleb Gurami & Igor Shep
Best Female DJ – Raketka
Best Vinyl DJ – Raketka
Best House DJ – Gleb Gurami
Best Minimal DJ – Lucarelli
Best DnB DJ – Mad Mouse
Best Electro/Breakbeat DJ – Gleb Gurami
Best Techno DJ – Morgotika
Best Live Musician – Echo Inside
Master of Underground – It's Mikita

Best New Project – Somasutra
Best Non-Techno Project – 1-2-3-4
Best Techno Project – «Сияние»
Best Rave – «Сияние» 29.02.20 // ОК16
Best Local Project – «Аб'ект»

Best Stream or Video Podcast – Papa Bo Selektah '#Музыкаоружие' // 23.08.20
Best Media Project – Radio Plato (❤️)
Best New Place – Modul Art Platform
Best Place – Modul Art Platform

For the contribution to the development of the electronic scene in Belarus – Gleb Gurami & Igor Shep
For the contribution to the development of the electronic scene in Belarus – Morgotika

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