Radio Plato

Planetronics has released a series about Belarusian electronic music

The whole history in an hour


The show tells the story of every period of development of Belarusian electronic music: from its inception and first projects in the 90s to the modern electronic landscapes. From the podcast you can learn about I.F.U., Kon', Yarik, i/dex and other pioneers of Belarusian electronic music. Then we can find out about the second generation that emerged in the 2000s: Egor Kunovsky, "Electronic Madness System" and the popularity of IDM, glitch and downtempo in Minsk clubs. And finally, the modern period: Foundamental Network, techno-raves "МЕЧТА" and "СИЯНИЕ", Hrodna-based "Аб'ект", the most touring DJ in Belarus Elena Sizova and much more.

Alexander Ananyev and Andrei Vusevich, who are making a podcast about new electronic music Logika Ritma, became co-hosts and insiders of the topic. The result is a short but thorough essay from which you can understand how Belarusian electronic music developed.

In addition to the conversational podcast, the creator of "Planetronics" Nick Zavriev has prepared a large playlist with comments on the tracks. Enjoy listening!