Stamp The Wax shot a short doc about the Neapolitan modern scene

Vesuvius' soundtrack


The film is not about all the music scenes of Napoli, but about the part that is inspired by the history, spirit and geography of the city and develops this unique sound further. It’s all around organic disco groove, funk and balearic. These are such creative units as Nu Genea, Futuribile Record Club, Mystic Jungle, Whodamanny, Milord, Soul Express, Napoli Segreta, Periodica Records, Basic Club and ThanksMate.

Stamp The Wax in partnership with Audio-Technica (that’s why all musicians wear headphones from this company) went to the heart of Napoli and talked to modern heroes of this scene. This is a story about the uniqueness and musical gems, about digging and intervention in clubs and, of course, about the soul of the city whose heart beats nearby in Vesuvius.

To dig into the Neapolitan scene, we recommend to you to listen to the compilations of Napoli Segreta Vol. 1 and Vol. 2.