Super Besse released a music video on Zabiraiu

Loneliness and creativity


A music video on the song Zabirau is from their latest album Un Rêve. According to the plot, three young heroes feel very immersed in their inner world: the girl is hard to work in the office, the second boy is not interested to spend time among his friends, and the third in general spends days on a skateboard, taking pictures on film and looking for how to decorate his room. At some point they intersect and perhaps this gives a creative impetus to their thoughts. Or maybe not.

The musiс video was shot by a Moscow team led by director Karina Mansurova, and this is her diploma project. The heroine in the clip fashions recycled clothes, and the result is a capsule collection. Take a look at her Instagram – maybe something is left.

And Super Besse now curates a creative contest for musicians with support of Hennessy. You need to write an Instagram essay on "How my past is reflected in music" and "What I need to convey my idea to the world" – and you will have the opportunity to win a prize fund of € 5,000 for your own project. Details on Super Besse Instagram.