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The cult Belarusian portal TuzinFM gets back to the game

Now for cultural resistance


After a four-month break, TuzinFM, an Internet portal dedicated to Belarusian music, is back in business. Now it is a portal about cultural resistance and a media platform for the Belarusian Cultural Solidarity Foundation.

"On the day of the 17th anniversary of TuzinFM, the main project of my life, I officially announce that its activities are resumed and now it will work in a revolutionary mode, – says the creator of TuzinFM Siarhei Budkin. - From a portal about Belarusian-language music, TuzinFM is transformed into a portal about cultural resistance. It will contain interviews, exclusives, video content, including our production, news about the activities of the Belarusian Cultural Solidarity Foundation. Soon we will launch audio and video charts of the best protest songs this summer."

You can follow TuzinFM news here.

The Belarusian Cultural Solidarity Foundation is a branch of the BYSOL / Belarus solidarity foundation created by the cultural manager and producer Siarhei Budkin and singer Rusia (Shuma). The project is aimed to support Belarusian cultural workers who have been or will be fired, or left in protest or found themselves in a difficult life situation. The Foundation also supports the implementation of art projects (street graffiti, creative performance, video art, etc.). You can apply here.