Artem Ryazanov's new mixtape featured on NTS Radio

Jazz and isolation


The mixtape, on which Artem (also known as Miracle Libido) started working on in the spring 2020 – during the first wave of lockdown, contains an hour of Soviet jazz – leisurely musical journeys with the Leningrad Jazz Band, David Gazarov, Raymond Pauls and the jazz group Arkhangelsk.

"In isolation, we wanted to behave as before: walk, meet, hug," says Artem. "But we had to restrain these desires, to adopt new rules. We have learned to enjoy simple things, to be more considerate of ourselves and loved ones. Joy and a little sadness.

So I tried to catch that nerve within the mixtape. It seems to be sad at heart – but not critical. Sometimes sadness breaks out, sometimes fades. As if you are looking at the rapidly passing reality outside the window, and it reflects you from the inside, like a projector".

Initially, this mix was released as part of a monthly show by GOST ZVUK on NTS Radio. Now it is available for listening anytime.