AXXID released its first compilation

High-speed techno in your face


Axxid is a Minsk promo group that held several big-room parties under the credo "In speed we trust". "AXXID promotes the ideas of fast, rhythmic music: from unpretentious techno to melodic trance," one of the participants in the compilation, Ilya Gurin-Babayev, told dadalog.

On the compilation you can find 10 tracks from Belarusian musicians, including the above-mentioned Ilya Gurin-Babayev, as well as Kreep, SDS, Karmagex, PMA and one of the founders of the label Syrphin. "Speed and aggressive sound, a progressive vision of the future of electronic music - what sets us apart from others," – write about themselves AXXID. And really, you can't argue with such a sound!