Belarusian ethno electronic duo DAH is born

The roof goes away


After a long break, we return the news block on Radio Plato to the active state. A new band DAH has appeared on the music map of Belarus today. More precisely, they have already played several concerts and are now releasing their debut Biažy EP.

DAH is a duo of a married couple of musicians Nastya and Zhenya Zykovich (JJ.OK, The Glitchhh). Under the DAH, they create ethno electronic music, which, according to them, reflects the multiculturalism of Belarus: here the folklore of modern streets is combined with folk eclecticism, gloomy hip-hop and dark techno.

Biažy EP was released on the Belarusian label Menka (sublabel Ezhevika) and consists of three tracks, deliciously spiced with strong bass, assertive electric guitars (which is related to The Glitchhh project) and Nastya's neo-folk vocals.

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