Bieraście electronic musician Vladislav Mazan released his debut work I Lost My Toy EP

Haiku in the rhythm of IDM


Vladislav Mazan is a young musician from Bieraście who has been into music since he was 14, but he is just starting to open the window to his creative world under this nickname.

I Lost My Toy EP is the first such invitation. Stylistically different, but united by a certain idea and atmosphere, the four tracks seem to initiate you into reality and lead you into the turbulent flow of the current moment, behind which there is just a memento mori. This EP is just the case when, after the end, its images continue to sound in the head.

Here is what the musician himself says about his debut work:

– I conceived this EP as a kind of musical haiku: tracks that will not be strongly related to each other stylistically, but which will all together paint a certain picture, tell a story or at least create space for the listener to present a story. By the way, it came out by accident, but even the tracklist of this EP is a bit like a Japanese poem, though not very optimistic.

I really like the music of artists from the Warp label: Boards Of Canada, Autechre, Aphex Twin, etc. The main inspiration was their music. I think in my EP it is sometimes heard. Also I have always liked classical music: its expression, its detail and depth. The final track of the EP – Grave Therapy – was inspired by Bach's The Well-Tempered Clavier, and the synth parts in I Lost My Toy were originally conceived as a string quartet. I’ve come to the conclusion that looking for inspiration outside of familiar genres and familiar things is very cool and right. And it's not just about music.

Also you can listen to the album on Spotify