Minsk parties series "СИЯНИЕ" launches its own label.

The first release is from Ilya Gurin-Babayeu


In Belarus, "СИЯНИЕ" (Shine) is known to everyone who is deep in techno clubbing. The project started as a cozy party of experimental electronic music and grew into the largest rave in the country. Now the project is expanding and starts releasing Belarusian electronics. The initial focus is on party residents.

The label's catalog is opened by a young Belarusian musician Ilya Gurin-Babayev, who has already been noted for several self-released LPs, as well as work on his own label Minsk 0 and the program of the same name on Radio Plato.

AZ Shadow is a mag charged by dance bangers, a ready-made set for your own party, on which the energy of youth splashes over the edge of social masks. All this the author devoted to the nature of chaos and the Guardian from the game “Zanzarah. The Hidden Portal", which was set to guard the border between worlds, but over time became aggressive toward those it was supposed to protect.