Dlina Volny’s long-awaited Dazed LP is out

What's inside?


We talked to the Belarusian band Dlina Volny in the Editorial Podcast back in May 2020. Back then guys talked about working with Italians Do It Better label on a new album. And since then we’ve been waiting for their second full-length album Dazed. In a year and a half they managed to release six singles and four music videos, well, we did not expect less. And so last week the album came out. What's inside?

Inside are twelve tracks, six of which we have already heard, but now it was interesting to put them together into a complete puzzle of the album. Tight, melodic, tense – we can describe the album in these words. The image embodied in the Tomorrow video appears at once head: the band performs in an empty concert hall, and you are the only listener. With this level of privacy, you can reveal the most secret topics – no one is ashamed.

Dlina Volny’s songs are exactly about that. They range from love thrillers, where feelings revolve in a whirlwind of opposites, to dark disc hymns to freedom. All this is wrapped in a noir, stylish atmosphere, which, of course, contributed by the creative minds of Italians Do It Better as well. Looking forward to Dlina Volny's performance in the new season of Twin Peaks!

At the same time the band released a music video for the track Do It – a reminder of how many thoughts and things surround a person before taking action.