Dubartis' chef-d’œuvres is out!

Dub & experimental hip-hop gems from Lithuania


Today Lithuanian label Dubartis releases the double vinyl Dubartis Compilation, which will summarize its activities over the past almost ten years.

The compilation consists of two parts. The first vinyl features remixes and versions of Lithuanian dub reggae band Ministry of Echology by Genn Bo, IJO, 96wrld, Genys, Grad_U, Giriu Dvasios and KASETA. Each composition here is a full-fledged sound journey, which will be interesting both for those who are deeply immersed in dub music and for those who only touch it by the edge of their ears. Also it gives a sense of what the Lithuanian dub scene is like. And it's worth going through it!

The second vinyl is devoted to wonder-maker Genn Bo's experimental beats and cinematic boom bap by Kaunas-based beatmaster KASETA. It's a story about sampling, looping, slicing, cutting, blending old dusty records, which layered over sometimes confident, sometimes maddening beats. Also on the second side there are two compositions from the joint project of Genn Bo and Direktorius (who is known as the lead singer of the cult Lithuanian ska punk band Dr.Green).

Tracks from this compilation have previously been released digitally, but there are also a few KASETA rarities that will see the world for the first time. According to the compilation's curator Souldatov, "this compilation is important and interesting because it managed to create an interconnection between musical styles, musicians, generations, technologies, past, present and future".

Dubartis label appeared as a continuation of the musical adventures of Souldatov and Genn Bo. The basis is electronic music technology: dubbing/layering and effects from dub music, sampling and creating beats from hip-hop, as well as the eternal search for the Holy Grail among tons of old records. The main activity of the label fell on the mid-2010s. This compilation could be a new chapter in Dubartis history, as well as its last swan song. In both cases this vinyl is a must-have!

The compilation can be purchased at the Wax Vilnius vinyl shop, as well as online at Dubartis bandcamp. In addition, it can be found on the main European platforms and in record shops: hhv.de, juno.com, Oye Records and others.