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IX Miracle: Dark Matter is out

A new compilation by Ezhevika


Belarusian label Ezhevika has released a new electronic compilation IX Miracle: Dark Matter. The compilation includes tracks from artists from Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Great Britain, Portugal, USA and Canada. Among them are compositions from Šuma, Phil Anker, Stayhomie, Omar Raafat, antrru and the Sidechain Radio show hosts R∆JVH and AIN SOUF.

“In the new compilation, I put together tracks mostly with a dark minor atmosphere. I wanted to somehow reflect this year's experiences at the level of music", says the curator of the compilation Konstantin Kourianov. "I want to mix our chill sets up with dark electronic music, but at the same time not to get too involved in experimental music. To do, as always, with respect for the listener".

All proceeds will go to the charity fund "Имена".