A new Kosmonavt's album is out

To all those who have strayed from the path


Belarusian electronic musician Kosmonavt has released Wistful Times LP on Ezhevika label. It is full of melancholy and joy at the same time six tracks that after sadness and despair open new horizons for hope.

"Everyone has sad times in their lives," says Kosmoavt. "Black stripe, lack of light at the end of the tunnel, apathy and stupor. These tracks are about such a difficult time. However, I wanted to show with this music exactly that joy and relief come after sadness. This music is about rebirth, about the places where you are expected, about melancholy that becomes enlightenment, about dances that end in soft chairs, about crises that grow into new works. About the harsh time that many of us are going through now, including me. And also about the new horizons that are opened up after the difficulties experienced. This release is a part of me that I want to give to all those who have strayed from the path."