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The Long Play Belarus compilation has released

From the bottom of Belarusian hearts


The collection includes 10 new compositions by Belarusian musicians, recorded specially for the project. There are lyrical "Галантерея", multi-layered Бакей, Dlina Volny's branded voice, etc. The result is a concise but comprehensive slice of the modern music scene of Belarus. And, of course, everyone's heart aches for the current situation in the country, so the songs about it.

The idea to publish the compilation came to the band "СОЮЗ" and its manager Max Startsev. Here is what he says: “A time period was chosen when the Belarusians experienced perhaps the most difficult times of civic activity. And this particular period gives the songs of various genres a single emotional code that unites all the musicians represented. It is disturbing and full of suffering, but still a love letter to my country, my people and my time".

The money received from the streaming platforms will go to funds that help Belarusians in difficult situations.