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Molchat Doma new music video shot by the director of "Crystal Swan" Darya Zhuk

Ne Smeshno


Belarusian band Molchat Doma has released a music video for the single "Ne Smeshno". In it, musicians try to wake up the people with a newspaper, ice cream, or a kick scooter. But all in vain: people are sleeping. Even performing from the stage, the musicians fail to wake them up, and they also fall asleep. And only one heroine saves the situation.

"We represent desperate rescuers or something", says the musicians. "We try to wake sleepy people up. We control them like puppets, reminding them what movement is. In the end, we just give all our energy to people trying to wake them up and fell asleep ourselves".

The clip was directed by Darya Zhuk, who is known for the movie "Crystal Swan" about Belarusian 90s and a house music lover. "From the first auditions of 'Ne Smeshno' it became clear to me that it very accurately reflects the spirit of our time - since then, the single has only become more relevant, unfortunately," says Daria. "I imagined our post-pandemic Belarusian society, which wakes up after a long sleep under this song, and here came such somnambulistic images, which became more complicated and developed in the video. I hoped to capture the feeling of current events and process it into universal poetic images, to convey the sense of absurdity that is happening in Belarus and other countries, and to make the clip understandable to fans from all over the world".

"Ne Smeshno" is the lead single of Molchat Doma's upcoming album "Monument", which will be released on November 13 on the American label Sacred Bones Records.