Radio Plato

Polina Shturma's EP on the Minsk 0 label

5 magic ambient songs


elarusian electronic musician Polina Shturma released Agape EP on the Minsk 0 label (which is broadcasted monthly on Radio Plato). This is her first complete and conceptual work.

“Colliding pieces of memories from commuting in London and circulating in a net of trains, tube and DLR, Agape is focused on the transmissive journey of constantly going home from home and never being aware of where are you coming from in the first place. By constantly changing the stops and lines to get to the new house, the hero reaches the only reasonable point of being consumed by “Agape” - the gentle and forgiving love. Agape is the only and forever home and his journey,” Polina says in the description of the release.