Sidechain Radio Show becomes a label and releases the first compilation

Good vibe tunes


Unity vol.1 is the first compilation from Sidechain as a label. Like the show, the main idea is vibe. "It's very difficult to describe the genres of this release in the usual forms, but all the tracks have a good side of very close to us hip-hop and beat music," say the label’s founders Myownchoir and Ain Souf.

On the EP you will find three vocal tracks: a non-standard neo-soul from Kakora, a stylish house from loukii and a playful track from the master of the rap genre Goriaschi Giraff; and three beats: nostalgic from AIN SOUF, a trip remix from Awlnight to the track RVJVH and an original bit from young IOHHH.

You can find the release on other streaming services here.

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