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Sleepy Town Manufacture's new vinyl

A nostalgic artifact


Alexander Ananyev, known for Logika Ritma radio show, has released Memorabilia 2 LP on vinyl under the pseudonym Sleepy Town Manufacture.

The release is a collection of tracks created by him in 2000-2003 together with Anton Lukoyanychev. "We did Sleepy Town Manufacture together then," explains Sasha. "It's such a kind of nostalgic artifact, very melodic, naive, but dear to my heart."

The art for the release was made by Grisha Kachenov, who had previously made covers for STM. Mastering – Alvin Boule. The LP is released on the Moscow label SEALT.

Also check the Planetronics podcast episode about the history of Belarusian electronic music where Alexander Ananyev was a co-host.