Stayhomie's debut album released on Ezhevika

Sentimental electronic pop


Stayhomie is an electronic project by Max Kubbe, which is also involved in the bands Kirov and Komplimenter. Random Heartbreaking Memories vol. 1 became his first full-length solo work. It turned out to be such thoughtful, epic electronic music, which sometimes resembles Moderat, and sometimes Telefon Tel Aviv.

“There are two selves inside of me. One of them looks toward melancholic experimental sound, the other one infinitely loves aesthetics of the 90’s, ultramelodism and sentimental pop-phrasing. You can find both of them on this album." Max says in the release description.

Stayhomie's LP became the Ezhevika's 100th release. Congratulations on your round figure and we wish you another hundred!