Stazhery's debut album Project 1 is out

Turn the key and fly


As the Stazhery's musicians themselves say, the "Project 1" LP is such a science fiction on Soviet psychedelics. “Our music is about childhood, dreams and romance. If Brezhnev had a pill, he would like it."

"Project 1" is a spacious synthesizer music about the lonely voyages of "Voyagers" in outer space, children's dreams of a bright future and the hopes of Soviet citizens, which never came true. During a conversation in the "Editorial Podcast" with one of the "interns" Zhenya, we found out why it is so important to design the future, even if it is retro, and how the cover of "Сплин" was made.

You can listen to the album on any convenient platform here, Editorial Podcast w/ Stazhery – here.