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Rage and madness in The Gitchhh new music video

The way to stay free


Minsk rock band The Glitchhh has released a new single and a music video Five Sqr. This is a strong alt-rock action movie about the need to unleash either your inner psycho or victim (which is especially important on Sunday walks in Belarus).

"We started working on this video in February 2020, but for a long time we did not dare to release it because of the degree of lawlessness and violence that occurs in our country," said participants of The Glitchhh. "At the same time, we understand that what is happening now is a consequence of the past days in which we wrote this music. We created this song on cold rainy days in an authoritarian country. Five Sqr for us is our way to be crazy in stability, bright in the cold, our way to stay free."

Yan Maximovitch (frontman ex Yellow Brick Road) is on vocals in the song. Directed by Alex Skidan.

This is the first single from the upcoming The Glitchhh's album, which they say will be different from anything they’ve done before both stylistically and conceptually.