Dancing in chains - Weed & Dolphins released a new single and music video

Shake your ass


Our favorites, Minsk-based band Weed & Dolphins recently released a new song Anchor Chain, followed by a video shot with the support of Samsung.

In Anchor Chain the band continues to develop the new, rougher and more rhythmic sound started in the previous High track. Here the fast post-punk mixes with phonk and a gloomier atmosphere. In the video, the protagonist dances and sings, chained by the dolphin. People are dancing around to the guitar riffs of Death. Full surrealism - you can't come up with it on purpose. The clip was shot by a longtime friend of the band Tigran Spertsyan, who proposed the project to Samsung.

“Samsung decided to make a project with a series of clips shot on one of their top phone models and decide to make it with Doroga Production, and then the production asked Tigran to be a director. And so it turned out that when Tigran was asked if there was a track and a band to shoot them, we were already thinking with him how to shoot Anchor Chain on their own. Tigran offered our track, showed how we had done High on our own before - and everything grew together," says Weed & Dolphins vocalist Damon.

This is not the first video Tigran has shot for Weed & Dolphins. Also check out High and Mortal Kola.