Music stories from the local block by Leap & Helga

Burnt Feathers

Podcast about movies you might forget to watch

Deep Arts

A fine selection of deep and minimal electronic music picked by Arts

BS Mixes

A weekly radio show by Backside Slide

Dancing About Architecture

Conversations about music and musician with Vova Potapenko

Editorial Podcast

The one and only non-sense talk show about everything

Guest List

Explore DJ scene, from well known names to newcomers


Guests talk about art, existentialism, the world structure and our weird life

Legendary Grooves

Funk, soul, disco, boogie and its various manifestations. Run by Anton Stwone

Randoom Kru: Liquid

Doppio of liquid drum&bass music on Wednesdays mornings

Logika Ritma

Non-mainstream electronic music by Andrey Vusevich & Alexander Ananyev

Low Start

Bass music finest

Minsk 0

An experimental music radio show curated by the eponymous label

Muzak on Fridays

A regular show on Radio Plato run by KorneJ

Randoom Kru: Showcase

Massive jungle, d'n'b and bass music for your pleasure

Naviny Z Fluxu

Contemporary bass music with 90s UK rave spirit

Need For Travel

Captivating trips with Pavel Evtuh and his musical taste

Radio Valera

Music voyage through time and space with space fox Valera

Plato Newsroom

A news podcast about new Belarusian music

Saturday Specials

DJ sets, live shows and streams brought by you & us

Sidechain Radio Show

Two hours of vibe, from underground music to modern heroes

South Bronx

A podcast series about hip-hop music scene in post-Soviet countries


lo-fi & atmosphere


Contemporary club sound straight outta southern Belarus


Weekly music radio show about hip hop, future r'n'b & neo-soul by Julia Koffie

United Colors of Papa Bo.

Diverse mixes by Papa Bo from his richest collection

Algoritm ON AIR

Smart talks with key music industry figures

Batin Patefon

The satiric show about why shit is dope and vice versa